Success Stories


Here are some of the noteworthy grants we have helped our clients acquire. For reasons of confidentiality, the names of grant recipients are not listed.


    • $375,000 from the US government’s Health and Human Services Agency for diabetes education.
    • $175,000 for HIV prevention among communities at risk from the Centers for Disease Control.
    • $169,000 for an elementary education literacy project for the public school system.
    • $132,000 from a city government funder for a family literacy project.
    • $162,000 for an after school program for low-income youth in middle and high school.
    • $12,000 grant for an after-school enrichment program for children.
    • $240,000 for senior services such as case management, meals, recreation and medical care.
    • $6.1 million for the expansion of a hospital psychiatric Emergency Room.
    • $5 million for the creation of a primary care clinic from the Department of Health and Dormitory Authority.
    • $16,000 foundation grant for a diabetes program at an acute care hospital.
    • $122,149 grant from the Department of Health and the Department of Labor for job training and placement of laid-off nurses.
    • $250,000 for a social adult day care program for the elderly.
    • $12,000 foundation grant for a college music program.
    • $800,000 contract for homemaking and housekeeping services from the Department for the Aging.
    • $20 million contract for a home health care agency from a city government agency.
    • $250,000 grant for the training of personal care aides from the federal and state government housing authorities for a home health care agency.


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